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phoke74   by   Magentaa

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Morse codes, out of the collective subconsciousness. Lowered Underwater Dub. The noise you hear, when a supertanker stops unexpectedly in the desert. And Magentaas »Pulse« is a Trojan, which sends a continious data stream to far away servers. The world is a hard drive.

»Pulse« is about bits & pieces. Single parts, repeatedly demixed, modulated, filtered, chopped and newly formed into structures. It's music, that functions like a multiple repainted picture. To listen to makes you an adept. The room between abstract sound and concrete noise is measured here. When tones become noise, images will be available, that aren't completely medially tied yet.

txt by magentaa

The zip package also includes a seamlessly mixed version!
» artist shout outs:.

Family, friends & followers for your support. The funky phono cake makers. Let them eat cake! Anatol for getting me on track, inspiring live performances, moral support & borrowing great gear.

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