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phoke71   von   Phil Gerus

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A mere play on sounds doesn’t make genuine music happen just like a play on words doesn’t necessarily make a profound poem. Nowadays contemporary electronic music crosses every conceivable boundary designed for a wide range of uses. This release one might possibly define as a useless one except for being primarily credited for a sole listening purpose (What else is music for?) since its numerous filaments, varying from jazz to the symphonic tradition, evoke an insatiable desire to take a closer look or rather listen to the way they merge within the multilayered textures by tightly pressing your ear to the vibrating loudspeaker. That having been said, the rhythmic patterns deployed in the tracks presented can easily boast their danceability being a potential djing treat on the dance floor. It takes a special gift to put together so aesthetically distant if not alien ingredients in one concoction which miraculously turns into an aural balm to your ears luring one to the realm of highly intellectual sound landscapes. Once so glitchy and jagged and then unexpectedly tender and soothing, striking with lyricism and melodiousness, all smoothly aligned together not for nothing, the music happens here which is a well deserved reward for the decent musician’s effort.

It goes without saying that the project wouldn’t have been pulled through without the spiritual support of Phil’s nearest and dearest, his beloved family, as well as his devoted friends whose spiritual and material support made it all possible.

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