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phoke75   by   Oenilloc_Sound

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"Уши слышат, глаза видят, мозг верит"
"Наблюдать вне времени"
"Ears hear, eyes see, brain believes"
"To watch over the time"

Some time ago we got _Contact_. The Internet is not only connected globally, since some time it is also connected to cosmic space. Howard controls the Mars Rover,,, and we can have video chat with the space stations MIR and ISS, just to name the simplest forms. It's all just data, traveling. Step-by-step we are introduced to the galactic family. Recently the hyper speed of light was proofed at CERN. Blogs in our Milky Way discussed about that. Of course some residents of other planets joined this discussion too.

One of those residents is the musician of the newest debut here at Phonocake. Living as an ambassador on the planet Earth, ALEXANDER IVANOV transmitted us his diplomatic cables. Please do not wonder... cable #9 is the new and so the second hidden release at Phonocake. With his cables he submits his view on Planet Earth into the galactic netwprk. A first introduction, bridging the margins of our small sphere.


ALEXANDER IVANOV known under the nick of Oenilloc_Sound, once called a freak by the Pleiadian race. Pleiadians is a community of aliens from the Seven Sisters System. They exist in a diversity of futures. The Pleiadian culture is an ancient one and was brought from another universe, that of love, long before the Earth had been created. They are a huge organized community dealing with the substances of love, thought and ideas. They’ve launched a project to contact and inspire humanity, to circle their energy between us and create a better reality. They were sent here from another universe to help the Earth to pass over to the next level of development. It’s not passing away but transforming. They’re here to help each person willing to wake up, remember and learn. The project grows with time, new aliens joining in. They don’t appear in physical form, but contact us through a psychic connection and manifest themselves through many creative works. In my case, through the sound and music.
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I want to thank the captain of my galactic ship, my girlfriend, who is always with me :)

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