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phoke15   by   Aries Fiktion

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The current release from Aries Fiktion takes its time - a lot of time - as it develops and grows, yet the listener's patience is never tested.
After a pensive intro, the unusual presence of classical instruments builds up a solemn atmosphere; the suggestion of choral voices adds to the reverential mood. The theme is picked up and altered throughout the song, leaving the listener overwhelmed. But, imperceptibly, the atmosphere of heaviness dissolves, into an invigorating, uplifting lightness. Inspirational.

Requiemdata (roci hinosch rmx)

This is definitely an interesting interpretation of the track. Where the original is putting emphasis on melody, the remix is bringing out the beat. Elements from the original track can be found and recognized; however, they are used in an entirely different context and change the character of the track radically.
Keywords: 2003, Dresden