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Ner Begot Kish

phoke80   by   Spycker

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A sunny day in Mokum Aleph.

hehe, it's time to lay around in our loved Vondelpark, around the Blauwe Theehuis, watching the stars while sharing the double split headphone adapter to listen to Spyckers life enjoying electronica experiments. Don't be afraid of a fresh mixed up everything music, which is hard to categorize, but makes fun to listen to or also to just let it go in a summerly background. The artist calls it like ‘old school stammer hop’, ‘tight-ass folk trash’ or ‘twisted trip noise’ : ) Welcome to our mixed up multifacetted future.
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Greetz to my friends and family in Mokum and all the great Dresdner artists who make this world a groovier place. Special thanks to Sven and his Phonocake colleagues for letting me release my music through their fantastic label. Forever obliged!

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