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phoke94   by   MOC

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Today we present no Speedcore, no scavenger hunt and no marathon. Nothing, but the news. Right in your face.

Influenced by Rococo playfulness, scuffing easyness and celebrating snap mood the joyous men of the Munich-based duo MOC bring their second album.

Who is reminded when listening to Magentaas hit album 'Pulse' on Phonocake, is not so wrong. Because of acting as Magentaa the musician Wolfgang Schmetterer has picked up the computer scene Champ Anatol Locker and dragged to stage, at this time especially in her home city, where they rock the stores that allow such a smooth sound.

Together, they first capture the world with their electronica-pop-house-band and then of course the space behind it, right after the blue sky on the left.
» artist shout outs:.

Shoutouts: Anatol would like to thank: Wolfgang for his friendship and the nice tea, Phonocake for making it possible, Spheric Lounge and Ambiosonics for forming habits of playing live and of course Bianca for her ever lasting patience.  Wolfgang would like to thank: Dresden, Zürich, Vienna, Munich: Ununited States of Taigaland. Hunter S. Thompson, Brian Eno, Adrian Sherwood and Anatol for inspiration. Friends, Family, Supporters.

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