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phoke18   by   Al Magnifico

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Phonocake release #18 features three new tracks by Al Magnifico, all three being fundamentally different from each other, and different from a lot of other things too.

"Jetharp" - Most everything is unusual about this track: the choice of the instruments and effects, the arrangement, the progression. Without any problems, Al Magnifico provides ample scope for what we call "electronic music", elegantly bridges the gap between different musical genres and has quite possibly created a new one.

"Feierabend" - This is a wonderful impression of how a day should end. In a film noir. Relaxing, deliberate, mysterious, somehow. Here, too, the noteworthy instrumentation completes the atmosphere perfectly.

"Elektrotrucker" - Happy industrial beats take the listener back to long gone musical eras, or causes the sudden urge to fetch your almost-forgotten drum machines from the attic. Or to dance an elektro-polka. If you're likely to suffer from a heart attack, please note that increased BPM lead to an increased heart rate.