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Postplatz EP

phoke21   by   bad comfort

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Right on time to start off the New Year and to celebrate the six-month anniversary of Phonocake, Bad Comfort presents the "Postplatz EP", four tracks that were created in the Audiolab during the summer, the Audiolab serving as a communication platform, a sound workshop and a summer resort for creators and fans of electronic music on quite a few Sunday afternoons, and by the by also as the birthplace of Phonocake.

The EP contains four tracks that capture the atmosphere of the Sundays spent in the Audiolab, four tracks that transport the listener back to the small room at the Postplatz, stuffed with people and technical equipment, and let him (or her) look out onto the pavement, bathed in sunlight, and at the passers-by, who are looking back curiously. Calm, at times playful melodies and relaxed (and relaxing) rhythms are embedded in a Dresden Postplatz soundscape, thus documenting the musical meet-ups, the jam sessions, the weather, the coffee and the (phono-)cake.

As a kind of present on the occasion of the half-year-long existence of Phonocake, we'll toss in a video by Graf which features a walk across the Postplatz, giving a wonderful visual impression of the Audiolab atmosphere. Bad Comfort's music accompanies the video, the camera work was done by Graf, as was the cutting, with plenty of assistance by Home4.
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