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Fractured Mutants

phokes137   by   Atl.

%s1 / %s2

Deconstructing yesterdays inventions,
for instance walls,
we grow into a color- and artful future,
painting the world as we would love it to be.

The EP Fractured Mutants is a collaboration by Atl. and the visual artist Bob Clapés in BCN. Each track features a corresponding visual artwork. After seeing one artwork Atl. started to imagine and producing one track, raw cerebellum. Having those prefs saved he made other tracks. The tracks are musical reactions to certain visual artworks, being a homage to the visual artist Bob Clapés. You can read more about the process in the artist interview.

While the visuals are psy related fantastic creations you can find lead synth and bells in the music, that will probably turn into improbability frequency events.

You can find more of the visual art of Bob Clapés at Ello.

ARTWORK 1: unexpected titillations

ARTWORK 2: raw cerebellum

ARTWORK 3: transparent tremors

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Thanks Bob for lending me your visual art to play and thanks parmon for providing the platform to publish the results of this experiment.

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