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delta ep

phoke26   by   RYDOX

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While Rydox shared two single tracks with the Phonocake listeners at his last release (see Phonocake release #11), he is now presenting an entire EP with seven tracks, developing into a well-rounded and self-contained work during the course of 25 minutes.
Four "delta"s, or one delta split into four, work as a connecting element for the three further tracks, meandering and spreading between them, similar to a river delta, ever-changing and spreading on its way to the sea, so that each direction of the water develops a different character, depending on its individual journey. Those deltas introduce, lead over and, consequently, lead out again, they maintain the atmosphere and serve as a prospect to what is to come and what has been, while they also function as autonomous pieces.
The highlight is reached with "Delta 03" and the following track: the thoughtful and calm, almost closed overall mood, dominating the tracks up to this point (and being supported by the tracks' titles), changes into a something more monumental, darker and eventually more arcane. "Too much traffic, too much to consume" is both mysterious and lively, the cause not solely being the track's diffuse voice samples.
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