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Chillusion ep

phoke31   by   Madstyle

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Even though you can detect hints of chill out in the name of the EP, Madstyle does not offer you sounds treated with some kind of fabric softener. Much rather, dynamical rhythms and atmospheric sounds add up to a complex structure, unfolding its pleasant effect after a few seconds.

For eight tracks, this pulsing cloud of sounds hovers above the listener and displays the most varied aspects. The first track, Frozen Planet, shyly approaches you and lives with close to no percussive elements. Track by track, the rhythmic structures gain further weight, adding to the mood and the diversity of the EP unobtrusively.
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Meine besten Grüße an parmon, KO und die ganze Phonocake Community, Ric Colair (, Mirko Rotzsch, DJ Peer, Tilo (Placid Rec.), Wollee, Lars L., Helli Larson, Toxedo, DJ Pirat, Nora, Ronnie Schnafft, Chenz, Jan und Steffi G. und die ganze Dippser Possie, Florian H., alle meine ehemaligen und jetzigen Kommilitonen, Andre K., ehemalige Schulkameraden, Freundin Susi, Familie und alle anderen, die ich jetzt hoffentlich nicht vergessen habe. Größten Dank an Phonocake, die mir dieses Release ermöglicht habe!

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