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3130351 Volt

phoke35   by   Kryptic Universe

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Ever-changing and vital jazz-detroit-electro, later changing into a few more straight tracks. Improvised here and there, with a synthesizer guest appearance of R2D2. ;-) The sounds' occasional dirty quality is very much intended. If you imagine a pub in 'Star Wars', exactly this music would be playing there. '3130351 volt' is Kryptic Universe's debut album. Even though several labels were interested in the album, he ended up picking Phonocake for the release. We are happy about it and say 'thank you'.
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gruss + rspct. from kryptic universe to: all@fenders store, supreme kommando, backstock possè, anaxy, db, smiley, micha, martin, mr.17 + sowieso alle in striesen, slide, bräutigam brother's ffm/dd, banq team, sleepy city mirko, suburban trash industries, l'houp crew, 0351producer/ deejay's + @ll 313 lover's und alle die ich an dieser stelle vergessen habe besten dank an phonocake + justus für die unterstützung

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