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phoke36   by   noise-beyond-silence

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Twenty-six releases after his Phonocake debut with the catalog number 10, noise beyond silence releases another five tracks of his on the label. This EP is clearly more heterogeneous than than its precursor. Following an interesting pseudo-studio-recording, the track starts out with a Digital Hardcore breakbeat. The relentless beat decreases in the course of the track, however, along with the 'windchill tempo', and more melodious elements get the upper hand. This transition is continued in the tracks to come. Noise beyond silence's sound is dominated by melodious elements, spaced-out patterns and a diversified arrangement. At the end of the EP, the beat reigns once again, incidentally very likely to get heads to nod along in rapture.
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grüße an: katja, jan+jahtari-crew, dorit, martin, denis, mathi, sven L. und natürlich die phonocake-crew

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