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Mystic Beauty

phoke43   by   Madstyle

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Sniping Katana-Breaks, underlayed by aetheric plateaus, elevating the latest heights of the Cosmic Sensor Space. Flying carpets cruising through superhighspeedlevels of Multimonitor-Motions.

Dreamy huge keyboards let appear big signs and symbols trough myriads of fog. Somebody has blown into the pollen. The ep gets sweeter and sweeter, at the latest with 'floranta', to go phat beated and happy as well as polyphonic chirping, more and more drifting in the direction of 'Gedankenwelt'. Who still is upstanding at this point, can take a seat at the 'Wackelsofa'(wobble couch), having the grande finale, well-adjusted and smooth, saying good bye to the ep.

Seven phantasmagorial Masterpieces by Madstyle.

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