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Between improvisation, art, home-recording and academic music studies the experts of Dresden City as well as friends from London, Leipzig, Berlin, Vilnius and Montevideo meet the second time to give some presentation of the state of affairs 2007/2008. We look back at 2007 and at the same time forward to 2008.

One can expect another colorful mixture of styles and sounds. Surprises and diversity can be guaranteed. Deep electronica, Glitch, Acid Bassline, even Rave, lofi electro, smooth IDM, Psybreaks and heart-touching IDM - although the variety is high it is tried to give the whole thing a pleaseant flow.

As new friends we can welcome Abyssal Plain from London, who joins with a track from his upcoming Album on Kahvi called "Pictures in Sound" and uruguayan Sound Designer Tinitus from Montevideo, who is already known through netreleases on Ouzo and Monteaudio. With some older track, Phundamental from Vilnius is back on the couch.

John Burno and Ð are Pseudonyms of already known artists in the round. With Monostabil, a well-known Noise-Artist is touching the hemispheres of electronica. And Eisenberg, who moved from our regions to London is presenting a wonderful dubby walking house-tune.
» artist shout outs:.

Thanks to all the participating artists. Greetings to the netlabel scene, especially Kahvi, Elpa (where are you?), Pumplane, Audiokraut, Electrosound, Ouzo, Binkcrsh, BumpFoot, Arhiva, No Response, Nishi, Monteaudio, Enough & Digilog. Greetings also to the artists, who didnt find the free time, although they wished to have.

Keywords: compilation, 2008

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